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6 ways to end a relationship softly make the other party least regret
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQv...5qcGc=.jpg]

It's a good thing if a girl has a guy who wants to fall in love, secretly like, want to flirt, to continue until it becomes a sweet love. But if that young man is not a man in spec It's time for you to distance yourself. But how to move your heart out so that the other person doesn't get hurt by your self-fading out like this? Today we have a recommendation to leave each other.

1. Don't be sad
Being liked is always good for every woman. If we can decide that this man Or the people who come in this time can't go on. It should be clear to both yourself and that person. By doing this is the most important. Don't be sad, feel good don't regret the gift or snacks that the men brought 'Cause if you can't love him The act was unclear from the beginning. It may cause both sides to suffer more pain. When the relationship moves to a dead end one day

2. Gradually distance yourself.
that gradual action It's better than being impulsive and always using emotion. In the early stages, you should gradually step away from each other and talk less and less. When there is an inevitable need to meet should not be alone Find a friend or someone who helps create an atmosphere for him to follow along with. As for replying to chats, you should leave a distance for slower responses. Try dropping the chat or answering uninviting questions to get the point across.

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3. You already have someone in mind.
In the early stages, or the first time people came in and we weren't ready for anyone. can act like someone in mind in order to block people who came in from the beginning and to cut off hope Discouragement from the beginning before the relationship is established.

4. "Friend", a word that has meaning.
friend relationship It's the best and safest relationship. If in the beginning we act and be careful to act as just friends. no hope Or on days when we're really uncomfortable, we can use a friendship relationship to help define our status and that person.

5. I want to be alone
It's another way to tell that we're not ready for anyone to walk in. I still don't want a boyfriend The state of my heart is now busy to give to anyone. Or do you want to focus more on work/study than on your heart? This reason is one of the softest methods of rejection.

6. The last point is don't give hope
Giving hope hurts both sides, even though he's a good person. I don't want to make him suffer But giving hope is not the way to help. Being clear with your feelings is what will help you get over it and you might make good friends. increase a few

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